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Sustainability & Environment: are prime considerations & objectives for us, whether its establishing any ecological or environmental benefits or constraints on or adjacent to the site; or assessing the existing material resources to negate the need to import.

We have been involved in assessment, procurement and managing the manufacture of over 30,000m3 of topsoil from existing site resources thus saving both limited mineral resources and wasted haulage.

The inclusion of native & indigenous plants and the availability of local resources are assessed and included as appropriate for each scheme and its design function.

Management Manuals: a specified guide to the long-term maintenance and management of the soft landscape, which states the seasonal timing of cultural works e.g. pruning, fertiliser applications etc, to provide a comprehensive manual on how to ensure the successful continual development of your landscape.

It’s simple really, if Viewpoint designs your landscape we should advise you how to maintain it –a standard service for us.

Detail: The quality of materials be they mature trees or paving and their specification & interface is based on an excellent understanding of landscape construction techniques & processes and their economies.

We spend a lot of time each year visiting suppliers, nurseries and trade shows to ensure we are aware of latest products and techniques.

It’s all in the detail!

How much: We believe you should understand the value for money equation before making the committment. One of the most reported disappointments (along with the poor quality of the plant stock) by clients to us when they work with other consultants, is receiving designs and discovering post planning or tender that the scheme doesn’t match budget provisions.

Not the case with Viewpoint, we will provide you with a detailed budget estimate for the supply, installation & maintenance of your soft landscaping scheme – a standard service.

We believe that you should understand how we work and the principles that guide us. The following statements are what you can expect from us when you work with Viewpoint.

Enquiries: will be responded to with a considered approach with regard to programme & resources – we aim to provide fee proposals within 48 hours of receiving an inquiry – water feature or irrigation design requirements may take a little longer.

Design: is considered with regard to the form and function of the scheme and the local environment, with the aim to provide simple, robust and elegant landscape solutions that will continue to develop and thrive to maturity.

One of our over-riding principles of working is ensuring that we deliver to you & the project value for money; whether it’s considering material selection at the design stage or best procurement strategies obtaining and maintaining value for money for you is a key objective for us.
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